$8 million

Student Scholarships

Multnomah University is acutely aware of the challenges involved in paying for a private Christian university education. In order to reduce the debt burden for students, Multnomah intentionally keeps tuition as low as possible. Additionally, we aim to double donor support for merit- and need-based scholarships and grants that will allow students to pursue their degrees. Gifts to this fund go directly to the students we serve.

I wouldn’t be able to go here if it wasn’t for my scholarship. It has helped me have time to be focused on school, graduation and student leadership.
— Amanda Martin ’19 (Alamosa, CO), Biology Major, Student Body President

$6.5 Million

Faith, Science, and Technology Building

Science and technology are transforming our world. Multnomah has embraced this reality by adding degree options for students who are called to integrate their faith with science-related fields. Currently 18.6% of Multnomah students major in sciences. Now is the time to build a state of the art facility with labs and technology that meet the highest standards for education and career preparation.

MU taught me to bring faith and science together and to not separate the two. I’ve learned to keep an open mind to hear what other people may think about science and combine their thoughts with what I learn in class.
— Serenity Lomprey ’22 (Henderson, NV), Environmental Science Major, Student Athlete - Volleyball

$2.5 million

Athletic Facilities

Athletics brings energy to the campus community and provides critical discipleship opportunities for students and coaches. Multnomah has added 10 varsity sports in the past five years, but our soccer, track and cross-country teams practice and compete miles off-campus at rented and shared facilities. This fund will allow us to provide top-quality on-campus facilities as we continue to grow these programs to impact our growing student-athlete population.

Being a part of athletics has allowed me to practically use what I learn in the classroom and implement that into competition. My main takeaway as an athlete is developing deeper friendships with teammates...but most importantly to glorify God through sports and my talents.
— Daniel Larabee ’20 (Beaverton, OR), Biblical and Theological Studies Major, Business Major, Student Athlete - Track and Field

$1 million

Strategic Innovation

In recent years, Multnomah University has broadened its missional reach by launching new academic disciplines on campus and distance education programs for those living outside the Portland area. This fund will provide academic leadership with the resources necessary to develop curriculum, access and implement technology, and promote new programs, all designed to enhance student outcomes.

I take a lot of credits and online classes to help me with taking school at my own time and pace. It also helps me to be better at planning, organizing and getting more assignments done.
— Rayessa Efimor ’22 (Mollala, OR), Psychology Major, Online student, Student Athlete - Volleyball